AvecMode in Pandemic Times: AvecMode is a full-scale custom fabrication shop dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors get back to work by providing the new tools, protections and customer-experience now necessary in these troubling times. Often with no more than a bar napkin sketch, clients come with a need/idea/dream and AvecMode is the magic-making partner, now more than ever.

As businesses are cautiously figuring out how to safely re-open, AvecMode is focusing on providing custom acrylic sneeze guard solutions for restaurants, medical offices and other retail businesses.  Well-designed barriers significantly effect customers and staff in positive ways, communicating a tangible and physical commitment to personal health and safety. Good looking barriers make anxious people feel better.

AvecMode in normal times: A comprehensive fabrication agency specializing in scenic design and crowd experience for large-scale events like music festivals, business conferences and sporting events. Working hand-in-hand with agencies, producers and companies AvecMode builds physical, transcendent creations and experiences.

In short: We make digital designs and creative dreams into real-life fabrications and experiences.

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Located in Downtown Austin, Texas.  Available anywhere in North America.